Fire Herbs

Try something different and sprinkle herbs directly into the fire!

Fire Herbs

Used to only seasoning only the dish itself? Let’s also season the fire! Not Just BBQ´s fire herbs are coarser than regular herbs and can be sprinkled directly into the fire. The herbs will start to smoke and create an extra flavour sensation that draws deeply into the meat.

Fire Herbs de Provence 65g


Try something different and use fire herbs to season your barbecue dishes. Fire herbs can be sprinkled directly into the fire and are very easy to use. You can use them together with the regular herbs and spices from Not Just BBQ to create double the flavour. In that way you don’t only season the meat with our rubs or shakers, but also the fire! The heat will make the herbs smoke and spread an intense aroma that go deeply into the meat. The fire herbs are suitable for all barbecue dishes.


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