Leather Apron Brown


Look your best in the outdoor kitchen with this beautiful apron made from brown leather. The apron is handmade in the Netherlands and has adjustable neck and waist straps to make the apron fit perfectly. The neck strap has an additional soft cover for more comfort. The apron protects from heat and splatter while barbecuing, but can also be worn as a gardening or crafting outfit. The leather will become more flexible the more you wear it, giving it a vintage look. It’s a perfect gift for someone special and will last a lifetime when properly taken care of.

The apron is 85cm long and 56cm wide at its widest point.



Clean the apron with lukewarm water and a soft cloth. It’s a handmade product, making every apron unique. This means small differences are possible, but do not represent defects. Avoid rubbing the apron against fragile or light coloured clothing or the colours may rub off. Wearing the apron may cause partial loss of the original colour, creating a vintage look.

Storage advise

Hang the apron out straight or roll it up to prevent folding the leather.


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