Fire Starters Wood Wool 24 pieces


Our fire starters from wool curls are an environment friendly alternative for paraffine or kerosine based firelighters. Not Just BBQ helps you and the environment for a good start of your barbecue meal. Packed in a stylish box, so great as a gift together with some Smoke Chunks and a good rub. Made from 100% wood.



Make a small platform of charcoal and/or briquettes in the barbecue and place about three pieces of wood wool betweeen the coals. Light the wood wool curls, and let it burn for a few minutes. Slowly add more charcoals and/or briquettes.

Start your barbecue when all curls have burned up, a red glow and white layer will appear on your charecoal and/or briquettes. This product is also useable in a fire pit or fireplace.

Storage advise

Attention!: Flammable solid. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from warmth, hot surfaces, sparks, open fire and other ignition sources. Keep dry. Don’t smoke.


100% Untreated European wood from the American walnut tree.
Produced in the Netherlands.


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